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Clan Duncan Society Contact Details

This website is being maintained, Pro Tem, by The Armorial Register Ltd,
as a courtesy to the late John Duncan of Sketraw.
We would very much like to pass the ownership to someone with a Duncan
connection who could maintain it and improve it on behalf of the "Clan".

Contact can be made via the Society email address listed below.



The Society's Main Office

Clan Duncan Society

To be reviewed pending the death of
John Duncan of Sketraw


The Society in North America

Society Representative N.A.

Brian Duncan

5936 Birchwood Drive

Tampa, Florida 33625


Main Society email Address: 

                              email Address: Scotland, Uk and
                              International (Scotland, UK and International)

Brian Duncan email: 

Representative North America (Senior Representative North American)

Patrick Nice email: 

(Representative Australia and New Zealand)



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