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Purpose of the Clan Duncan Society


The Society’s purpose is to reunite all those with the name Duncan and its variant spellings and promote continuance of the Clan as an effective body.

The Society will provide opportunities for all members’ to develop kinship amongst one another through various publications, meetings and electronic media such as an online forum and variety of discussion groups. The individual genealogical histories of individual Society members’ can be published on the Clan Society website to aid, preserve and advance research and can be openly discussed on the Society’s forum.

The Society serves to promote recognition and a general awareness of the Clan and its history to its members, outside bodies, the public here in Scotland and overseas through its presence at Highland Games, various advertisements and the worldwide web. In providing education about the Clan and Scotland, its history, and its culture, the Society promotes and protects the interests of the Clan and its origins.

The Society encourages members’ to become armigerous in their own right and bear ‘Scottish Arms’ which, will further strengthen our case to the Court of the Lord Lyon in Edinburgh when petitioning for an officially recognised Leader of Clan Duncan. Help will be given by the Society to those members’ at home here in Scotland, the UK, and overseas with full membership and a proven genealogical paper chase to their Scottish Origins in the process and procurement of Scottish Armorial Bearings.

The Society will maintain a ‘Clan Roll Call’, which represents a listing of persons declaring themselves to be members of the Clan. This is of particular importance because we need to gather together as a Clan in order to successfully petition the Court of the Lord Lyon in Scotland to recognise a Clan Duncan Leader. The names of all qualifying Society members are automatically added to The Clan Roll Call upon submission of their Membership Application. ‘Click here’ to learn more about membership in the Society.

Clan members who have not yet joined the Society but who wish to add their name to the ‘Clan Roll Call’ to support our Clan revival efforts and be on our mailing list can do so immediately; ‘click here’ for more Clan Roll Call information. It’s not too late for you to help your Clan! The Society provides Clan Roll Call registration as a FREE service to all Clan members.

The Society’s 'Clan Historical and Genealogical Archive' (a future project) will collect, preserve, and disseminate literary, historical, and educational materials pertaining to Clan Duncan, its members, and Scotland.

The Clan and the Society are not one and the same; the Society is a group of the Clan’s members and friends and it does not purport to be the Clan itself. We encourage all members of the Clan to join the Society as a way to help support, financially and otherwise, the Clan’s interests and to participate in the heritage of the Clan.

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