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Clan Duncan Society - Members of
                                the Genealogical Society of Scotland

Scottish Heraldry, Duncan Coats of Arms,
Duncan Armigers & Crest Badges

Clan Duncan Society - Members of
                                the Heraldry Society of Scotland

Scotland, arguably, has the richest and most regulated form of heraldry in the world and as a result it can boast that it possesses the purest system of heraldry in existence today. Although a coat of arms belongs only to the original grantee and his direct heirs, and its display is regulated by The Court of the Lord Lyon with the full power of the law to prosecute transgressors, Scotland is quite possibly unique in that practically everyone can enjoy heraldry in the form of the clansman’s crest badge. 

These pages are set down to illustrate the many existing Duncan coats of arms and to show their importance in the Clan system. We aim to shatter some of the myths and misconceptions surrounding coats of arms and to show how, once understood the art and science of heraldry has a real and useful position in both the history and genealogy of the Clan Duncan.  


Begginers Heraldry by Mark Harden
                                of Cowdenknowes yr.

Beginners Heraldry
Mark Harden, Baron of Cowdenknowes

Monumental Heraldry

Monumental Heraldry
by John Duncan of Sketraw, FSA Scot

All Duncan Arms in the Hague Roll
                                  and Register of Court of the Lord Lyon
                                  of Scotland

Duncan Armorial Roll (Scotland)
By M. Goldstraw & J. A. Duncan

How to read a Coat of Arms

How to read a Coat of Arms
by Martin Goldstraw of Whitecairns

The Arms of General Sir Rufane
                                  Shaw Donkin

The Arms of  Sir Rufane Shawe Donkin
By Mike Oettle, Armoria Familia

Bookplate of Robert Duncan

Bookplate of General Robert Donkin
by John Duncan of Sketraw, FSA Scot

The Arms of John A. Duncan of

The Arms of John A. Duncan of Sketraw
By John Duncan of Sketraw, FSA Scot

Territorial Designations by Stuart
                                Morris of Balgonie, yr

Scottish Territorial Designations
by Stuart Morris of Balgonie, yr.

The Duncan of Jordanstone &

The Duncans of Jordanstone
by John Duncan of Sketraw, FSA Scot

Duncan Crest Badges - Clansmans

Duncan Crest Badges (Clansmans)
by John Duncan of Sketraw, FSA Scot

Clan Recognition & The

Clan Recognition & The Derbhfine
By John Duncan of Sketraw, FSA Scot

Maj. Duncanson (Glencoe

Maj. Duncanson (Glencoe Massacre)
by John Duncan of Sketraw, FSA Scot

Scottish Heraldic Flags

Scottish Heraldic Flags
By Dr. Patrick Barden

William Duncan &
                                  Katherine Wetherburn

William Duncan & K. Wedderburn
by John Duncan of Sketraw, FSA Scot

My History - Genealogy
                                          and Family History Supplies

Information and Useful Leaflets from the Lyon Court of Scotland

The office of Lyon King of Arms dates from the 14th century. The earliest official record is of the appointment of a Lyon by King Robert the Bruce in 1318, but the office may be older. The position incorporates the ancient Celtic office of High Sennachie who was responsible for verifying the genealogy of the King of Scotland and for crowning the King at his coronation.

The Lord Lyon is the sole King of Arms in Scotland. He is Head of the Heraldic Executive and the Judge of the Court of the Lord Lyon which has jurisdiction over all heraldic business in Scotland.

The Lord Lyon's Official
                                          Coat of Arms

He is assisted by Her Majesty's Officers of Arms, all of whom are members of the Royal Household. There are three senior Officers of Arms (Albany Herald, Rothesay Herald and Ross Herald) and three junior Officers of Arms (Unicorn Pursuivant, Carrick Pursuivant and Bute Pursuivant).

The Officers of Arms may be consulted on matters of heraldry and genealogy by members of the public and may represent their clients before the Lyon Court. The Officers of Arms also take part in ceremonial occasions.

An Act of the Scottish Parliament of 1592 gave the Lord Lyon responsibility for prosecuting as a criminal offence anyone who uses unauthorised Arms. The Court has its own Procurator Fiscal, an independent official prosecutor.

In 1672 a further Act of the Scottish Parliament authorised the creation of the Public Register of All Arms and Bearings in Scotland. This Register is maintained by the Lyon Clerk and Keeper of the Records and contains an official copy of every Coat of Arms granted in Scotland since 1672.


 Genealogy, Heraldry & Tartans - Lyon Court

Scottish Heraldic Flags From - Lyon Court


Scottish Crest Badges -Lyon Court

The Right to a Coat of Arms

  Differencing of Arms - Lyon Court Wearing of Sashes by Ladies in Evening Dress  

Grant and Matriculation of Scottish Arms non-UK

Scottish Register of Tartans Act 2008  

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