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Clan Duncan Society

Clan Duncan Society Forum

Please read the forum 'Code of Conduct' before registering to the

Clan Society's Forum. The link to enter the forum is at the foot of the page.


The Clan Duncan Society’s Forum may be used by Visitors, Clans Folk and Society Members to debate and research the name of Duncan and its many variants along with related topics such as Scottish History and Heritage, Genealogy, Scots Heraldry, the Clan Duncan and the Clan System to name but a few of the areas that may be of interest to forum users. There are certain parts of the forum that are for Society Members’ only but all users will have to register on the Community forum to gain access. One other aim of the forum is to give us all a platform to interact with one another and build friendships between Clans Folk.

This forum has a Code of Conduct (below) and users are advised to read this carefully before posting on the forum.

Before you can participate on the Clan Duncan Society forum you will have to fill out the online registration form (click 'Register' on the top right of the forum) and submit it, you will then be sent an automatic confirmation email containing a link which you should follow to authorise your entry into the forum. Once this has been done you will gain immediate access to view and post to the board and enter into discussions. If you breach the 'Code of Conduct', your future postings may be reviewed by the Moderator before authorisation. 

You may contact the Forum Administrator by e-mail if you have any queries or require help.

Code of Conduct 

The Clan Duncan Society assumes no responsibility for the content of messages posted on this Forum. Messages posted here are the responsibility of the poster. The Society reserves the right to edit or delete any messages deemed to have violated the Code of Conduct. Following these few 'Terms and Conditions' will we feel, enhance the enjoyment of the community forum for everyone.

1. Members are required to use their own name on the forum and are requested not to use an alias as a username. The Society's forum is a friendly environment and will create kinship between Clans Folk, Society Members and Forum users and it is felt that there is no need to post under an alias.

2. While filling in your registration to the forum your profiles must be filled out with as much information as possible and must contain at least one valid email address.

3. Due to Spamming you will be unable to sign up to the forum using a Yahoo, Hotmail, gmail and other web based email accounts. Please register to the forum by using your email address provided by your Internet Service provider.

Registration form Field Guidelines (profile).

a. Username: Mandatory - Example: J.A. Duncan, John Duncan, John A. Duncan. As this is a forum to do with 'Duncan's' it is obvious that names could be the same, in this case please add your State/County or a Number or some sort of other differencing Mark - Example: John Duncan VA, J. A. Duncan AB4, John A. Duncan2

b. Password: Mandatory

a. Website: Optional

b. Location: Mandatory - Example; Town/Country

c. Occupation: Optional

d. Signature: Mandatory - Example:  'Regards Joe B. Blogs' and should be enabled in your profile to be automatically attached to the bottom of all posts.

e. All other fields on the registration to the forum are optional.

3. Users should only post messages based on appropriate topics that are of interest to other Clans Folk.

4. Postings must not be designed to disrupt the Forum.

5. Language must be moderate at all times.

6. This forum may not be used to post messages, which are reasonably considered to be libellous or which contain personal remarks calculated to insult persons, groups or organisations, or which are deemed to be advertising.

7. Inappropriate postings should be reported to the Moderator.

8. The Society reserves the right to extend the spectrum of subjects deemed to be off-topic and not allowed.

9. Postings deemed to be inappropriate by the moderator will be removed immediately.

10. All participants are expected to act and post in a respectful manner anything contrary to this expectation will be dealt with firmly by the moderator.

11. The moderator is here to help but his decisions are final and not open to discussion.

Due to the amount of spam being received on the Clan Duncan Society forum you will be unable to register using a HOTMAIL account.


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