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Member of the Genealogical Society
                                of Scotlandn

Office Holders of the Clan Duncan Society

Clan Duncan Society


The society began its life in March 2005, so as you can see it is in its infancy. In order for it to function at its best for the benefit of us all and until such time we can gain enough members of the Society to hold a first official AGM, it is essential that we can persuade members to come forward to fill the various vacant offices. We will, when we have enough Society members hold an annual general meeting, at this time new officers can be proposed and elected In the normal democratic way, but until then we need volunteers.

Below is a list of the offices and their purpose and we would ask that all new members consider volunteering a little of their time in order to help.

You do not have to be domiciled in Scotland or the UK to Volunteer for the posts outlined below.

If you feel you can help please contact the Society.




Executive Office Holders
President:   to be appointed  
Vice President:
to be appointed
Office Holders

John A. Duncan of Sketraw

John A. Duncan of Sketraw, FSA Scot. (Scotland)

Joanna Duncan (England)

to be appointed
Membership Secretary:

Amy (Duncan) Haynes (Georgia USA)
Publications Editor:

Robert P. Duncan (England)
Social Secretary:   Society Member Volunteer required  
Committee Members
Committee member:

Society Member Volunteer required (Scotland)
Committee member:

Society Member Volunteer required (Scotland)
Committee member:

Scott W. Duncan (England)
Committee member:   Society Member Volunteer required  
North American Delegates
Senior Representative:

Brian Duncan (see contacts page)

(Florida USA)

Canadian Delegate

as above for the present

(Florida USA)

Australian Delegate

Patrick Nice (see contacts page)


New Zealand Delegate

Patrick Nice (see contacts page)


Main email Address: 

email the Society,
                                                Scotland, UK and

(Scotland, United Kingdom)

Advisors to the Society

Heraldic Advisor

Arms of Martin Goldstraw of

Martin Goldstraw Scot. (Scotland)
Legal & Heraldic Advisor


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