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Clan Duncan Image Galleries

Please take time to read the gallery 'Rules and Regulations' before clicking link to enter at foot of page - thank you.

You do not need to register to view the Gallery.

                        Duncan Society


Welcome to the Clan Duncan Society and Members image galleries. The galleries are open to view but, only visitors that register to the gallery can leave comments on particular photographs or images. Society Members' however are able to create there own gallery and upload their own images to be viewed once they have registered to the gallery and their society membership confirmed.

Gallery Rules and Regulations

1. When registering to the Gallery you are required to use your ‘real name’ as a user name and not an alias, people using an alias will be removed from the gallery.

2. You are also required to fill in the profile in full we are not looking for your full address, just perhaps Town/City and Country most of us will be kinsfolk and it is a way of getting to know each other better.

3. Once registered an email will be sent to you from the gallery automatically to confirm your email address. You should click on the link within the email to confirm your registration and it will give you instant access.

4. If you are a Clan Duncan Society Member once you have gone through the process above the Administrator of the gallery will enable you as a Society Member on the board which will give you the ability to create your own gallery and upload images.

5. Members are asked to keep their gallery to a Duncan or Scottish theme for the interest of all Clan Folks and visitors.

7. The Clan Duncan Society reserves the right to delete any image without notice if it is felt that there has been, or may be, a breach of any Gallery rule or simply a matter of good taste.

8. Please make sure you either own the copyright to any image you post or you have the permission of the copyright owner to post any image. Clan Duncan Society will accept images only on this understanding and immediately you post any image it is taken as your confirmation that the images comply with this rule.


Portrait of James Duncan of Jordanstown by Sir George Reid, c.1890, Image © University of Dundee Museum Services

Lundie Church, Angus,

Lundie Church, Angus, Scotland
Burial Place of Adam Duncan
of Camperdown 1804

James Duncan of
                                        Jordanstown: Image © University
                                        of Dundee Museum Services

James Duncan of Jordanstone founder

Duncan of Jordanstone College
of Art, Dundee, Scotland 1909

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