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Clan Duncan Society  Membership and  Clan Roll Call

                        Duncan Society


The Clan Duncan Society is the only worldwide Clan Duncan organisation in existence today. Here, members of our Clan and our friends gather to share and preserve our Clan’s history, develop kinship at home in Scotland and around the Globe, and most importantly have fun and enjoy the Society!

Membership in the Society is reserved for any person of Scottish ancestry who bears the surname of Duncan, however spelled, and for the wife and descendants of such a person. Any person related by marriage or adoption to one of the above persons is also eligible. In keeping with Scottish traditions, all others who wish to honour our Clan through their association with us are welcome to join as a “Friend of the Clan.”

Through your membership in the Clan Duncan Society, you can support your Clan in its efforts to spread the word about our re-establishment so that we can bring our kinsmen together and grow our membership. We have several hundred years of catching up to do! And, you will be supporting the Society's efforts to gain official recognition from the authorities at home here in Scotland. With your help, we hope to someday in the not so distant future be able to speak of our Clan with the recognition it so rightfully deserves. Additionally, through your membership in the Society, you help to preserve the records of the Clan’s history and, to sponsor the Clan’s presence at Highland Games and other events.

Benefits of membership include: Automatic inclusion in the Clan Roll Call for qualifying members, a subscription to the Society’s periodic newsletter “The Warrior”, access to the ‘members only area’ of the 'society’s forum,' members individual gallery area in the 'image galleries' (members can upload their own images and text from their PC to their own gallery), Members only website (a future project), Clan Membership Certificate and kinship opportunities with persons having a common heritage, notices about important events, access to the Clan Duncan Historical and Genealogical Archives (a future project), and more! - Join today and help reinstate all Duncans however spelled as a Clan once more - we need your support.


To Join the Society as a New Member.

  1. Click here to - Download and read - (PDF) the Society Membership Application Form and print.  

  2(a) Payment is also accepted via postal application see Membership Application Form above for further details and extra Fees pertaining to members paying from overseas by Cheque, Money Orders or Bank transfer etc. Please do not send Cheques that are not in UK Ponds as they are too costly for the Society to process.  
  3. Print out and post your signed application form.  
  (Note: Remember to ‘post’ in your signed membership application form after online payment. Online payment will give you instant membership however; we still need your signed application form.)  
  4. Society will issue Membership Certificate.  
Order your Clan Duncan Society's Members badge at the Society's Online Shop. Click here for further information.
Memebers Order your Clan Duncan Society
                        Members Badge  

To renew your membership.

  1. A reminder will be sent to you either by email or post to notify you of your membership renewal.  
  2. Renew your annual membership online by PayPal;  
  (Note: If you pay your annual membership renewal fees online your society membership will be automatically updated please add a ‘note’ of your membership number.)  
  3. Post in your annual membership fees (please include your membership number, name and address).  
  (Note: Please inform the Society immediately of any change of your contact details or email address.)  

The Clan Roll Call


The Society maintains the Clan Roll Call, which represents a listing of persons declaring themselves to be members of the Clan at-large who support the Clan revival efforts of the Society. This is of particular importance because we need to gather together as a Clan in order to successfully petition the Court of the Lord Lyon here in Scotland to recognise a Clan Duncan Leader. Without a substantial Clan body, our petition will likely be denied and Clan Duncan will continue to be unrecognised.

The names of all qualifying (Society members are automatically added) to the Clan Roll Call upon submission of their Membership Application and, therefore, Society members need not complete the Clan Roll Call Registration Form.

Clan members who have not yet joined the Society but who wish to add their name to the Clan Roll Call to support our Clan revival efforts can do so by using one of the links below. It’s not too late for you to help your Clan! Obtaining official recognition is a lengthy process and as we continue to grow, our position is strengthened.

This service is provided by the Society at NO COST to all Clan members. Omission of your name from the Clan Roll Call does not mean that you are not a member of the Clan, however, including your name will help to get the official recognition that your Clan deserves.

Adding your name to the Clan Roll Call is not the same as joining the Society. Clan members are encouraged to join the Society as a way to support the Clan’s interests, financially and otherwise, and to participate in the heritage of the Clan.

Click here for the On-line 'Clan Roll Call' Registration Form.

Click here to - Download and Print - Mail-in 'Clan Roll Call' Registration Form.


Why do we need your Donations?



The Society's Constitution

Society Officers & Committee


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