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Clan Duncan Information  
  Dunocatus - The Fort Warrior 5th c
  King Dunchad of Dalriada (r.650 - 654)
  Dunchad Abbots of Iona, 8th and 10th c
  Duncan in the Book of Deer 11th c
  The Romantic Myth of Clan Septs
  Clan Recognition & The Derbhfine
  The Duncan Tartans
  Clan Duncan Information and History
Duncan Biographies  
Scots & Scottish History  
Duncan and Scottish History  
  Admiral Duncan of Camperdown
  Rear Admiral Robert F. Duncan
  Rev Henry Duncan
  Helen Duncan Story
Scots and English Language
  General J K Duncan CSA
  Duncan Medal of Honour Winners
  The Saltire, The flag of Scotland
  Scottish Heraldic Flags
  Special Scottish Heraldic Flags
  General Sir Rufane Shawe Duncan
General Robert Duncan
  King Duncan I of Scotland
  King Duncan II of Scotland
  The Charter of King Duncan II
  The Thistle - Emblem of Scotland
  The Albion Hermit, David Duncan
  Captain Duncan's Horn
  Dr Handasyde Duncan
  Annie Jane Duncan
  Father William Duncan
  William Augustine Duncan
  Sir John James Duncan
  Sir Walter Gordon Duncan
  Robert Duncan, Engineer
  John Duncan, Glasgow Trams
  John Duncan, African Explorer
  Sir Patrick Duncan (South Africa)
  Duncan Healey Motors
  The Duncan Sisters, Vaudeville
  Maj. Duncanson (Glencoe Massacre)
  The Duncans of Jordanstone
  Arthur Donald Stuart Duncan (NZ)
  James Francis Duncan OBE
  Peter & David Duncan, Blacksmiths
  Dr William Scott Duncan
  Pilot Ace Col. Glenn E. Duncan
  Colonel James Duncan USA
  Doctor Stephen Duncan (1787-1867)
  Christopher Dunkin (1812-1881)
  Duncan's Battery, Cp. A, 2nd US Artillery
  Kirkin' O' the Tartan
  Gellie Duncan (Witch) Hanged 1591
  John Holt Duncan
  James Duncan 'The Copperman' 1796
  Lt. Colonel William Duncan around 1766
  The Highland Clearances - Part1
  The Highland Clearances - Part2
  Bonnie Prince Charlie & The Jacobites
  William Duncan & K. Wedderburn
  Captain Henry Duncan RN 1735 - 1814
  Culloden Moor & Battle - Chapter1
  Culloden House and Moor - Chapter2
  Night March to Nairn - Chapter 3
  The Battle of Culloden - Chapter 4
  The Retreat from Culloden - Chapter 5
  Events After the Culloden - Chapter 6
  Admiral Donald B. Duncan 1896 - 1975
  Dr John (Rabbi) Duncan 1796 - 1870
  Maj. Gen. George B. Duncan US Army
  Capt. Thomas Black Duncan M.C.
  The Highland Whisky Smugglers
  The Highland Cattle Drovers
  Wades 18c Military Highland Roads
  Constable 83 John Duncan
Duncan Coats of Arms and Scottish Heraldry  
  Beginners Heraldry
  Monumental Heraldry
  How to read a Coat of Arms
  Genealogy, Heraldry & Tartans
  Scottish Heraldic Flags
  Scottish Crest Badges
  Right to Arms
  Duncan Armorial Roll (Scotland)
  The Arms of John A. Duncan of Sketraw
  Duncan of Sketraw Tartan
  The Arms of Gavin George Duncan of Sketraw, ygr
  The Arms of Euan M. Duncan
  The Arms of Angus J. Duncan
  Duncan Crest Badges
  Grant and Matriculation of Scottish Arms non-UK
  Territorial Designations (Scotland)
  Clan Duncan Society News Archives
  Walking the West Highland Way 2006 Expedition
Useful Links  
  Useful Scottish Links Overseas
  Link to the Clan Duncan Society
Duncan Tartans  
  The History of Tartan
Image Gallery  
  Interactive Image Gallery
Duncan Genealogy  
  Duncan Political Graveyard USA
  Duncan Jacobite Prisoners to the Americas 1716
  John A. Duncan of Sketraw, Aberdeenshire
  Duncan of Sketraw, Genealogy & Family History
  John D. Duncan, Charleston, SC USA
  Patrick Charles Nice, Western Australia
  Duncan Convicts to Australia
  Robert P. Duncan, Staffordshire
  Roy A. Duncan, Aberdeenshire
  Peterhead B.M.D. Records Duncan
  Cullen Cemetery MI List Duncan
  Prestonkirk Cemetery, East Linton MI List Duncan
  Sharon Linda Whalen nee' Duncan, Dundee
  Howff Cemetery Dundee Burial List Duncan (PDF)

Dalrymple Cemetery, Ayrshire, MI List Duncan

  Markinch Burial Records 1799-1854, Fife
  St Serf's Church, Dinning, Perthshire, MI, Duncan
  Dunbennan and Kinnoir Cemetery, Huntly
  Aberdeen (ARI) Death Records Duncan 1743-1855
  Aberdeen Obituaries (Duncan) 1771 - 1799
  Banff Old Cemetery MI Records Duncan
  Baglay Cemetery MI Records Duncan - Dundee
  Forglen Cemetery MI Record Duncan
  Inverkeithney Cemetery MI Record Duncan
  King Edward Cemetery MI Record Duncan
  New Deer Cemetery MI Record Duncan
  Tarves Cemetery MI Record Duncan
  Udny Cemetery MI Record Duncan
  Aberdeenshire Burial List Duncan (PDF)
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The Gathering Edinburgh 2009  
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